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Housing Register

From April 2021 how you apply and obtain a property via the Housing register is changing in Broadland.

We will be moving from a nomination- based scheme, a scheme whereby you tell us the areas you want to live in and we match you to you're a suitable property to a choice-based scheme, a scheme whereby you will have access to all properties and you can chose which ones you wish to bid on. This means that if you are successful in your application to the Housing Register, you will be able to bid weekly on the properties available from our registered social landlords. We are also changing eligibility to the register and the bands you may be allocated.

Applications and bidding for a property will all be done online through our new Customer Portal which will be launched in April 2021.


  1. I have received a review form what do I need to do?
    We are currently reviewing some cases that are on our housing register. If you have received a review form, you need to complete this as soon as possible and return it to us along with the support evidence listed. If you do not return the review form by the date specified, you will no longer be on our housing register. If you have any problems completing the review form, please contact us.
  2. I am on the housing register; do I need to do anything?
    You do not need to do anything now, unless you have a change of circumstances.  We will contact all residents on the Housing Register in April to give details of the new system, how you log in and bid on properties
  3. My circumstances have changed since I completed my application or review form what should I do?
    If you have received a review form,  please fill in any changes on this form. If not, please contact us on 01603 430641 to tell us of your changes.
  4. I would like to join the housing register
    Please contact us on 01603 430641 to discuss your housing options.
  5. What happens if I cannot bid?
    Bidding is made very easy, you will obtain two bids a week and you only need access to a smart phone, computer or tablet once a week to allow you to bid via your online housing portal. This can be done on any source of internet including the library.

    If you are concerned and unable to do this, we can help with assisted bidding. This means we will place a bid for you on any suitable properties , however this does limit your involvement and we may place bids on properties that you may not have done so yourself. Please call us if this is concerning you and we will discuss all options with you.
  6. What changes are happening to the bands?
    We will be going from 3 bands low, medium and high, to 4 bands, 1,2,3 & 4. If you are on the housing register in April we will contact you with your new band details along with details on how to access the online housing portal.
  7. Why are you making these changes?
    Increasing choice - we want you to choose your new home. Depending on your circumstances your priority may differ, and some areas have far fewer properties than become available than other areas. By giving you the ability to see all properties that become available, including average waiting times we feel applicants will be able to make an informed choice whether their circumstances outweigh the need for specific locations. This will always be a difficult decision however we feel this should be a decision you make, and the new system allows this

    Increasing transparency - we are making it possible for you to see every property that becomes available in both Broadland and South Norfolk districts and advising you the average waiting times in each area. Our banding scheme is also being made available to all, so you can clearly understand why you have been placed in the band you have and where suitable challenge banding decisions

    Putting you in control - Choice based lettings puts you in greater control of finding a new home, that is suitable. You will clearly be able to see where properties are available and make bids if you think they are appropriate for you.  Nominations based lettings does not give you this control.

    Easy access to the service at a time that suits you - by moving much of the system to an online portal you can access our service at the time that suits you best.  We will still be available via phone, post and emails but the portal will be available 24 hours a day.