What to do with Christmas waste

Every year tons of Christmas waste ends up at land fill sites, when so much of it can be re-used, recycled, composted or passed on. With a little bit of time and care you can help reduce waste by following our guidelines below.


Reuse your Christmas tree lights, baubles, tinsel and plastic Christmas trees. If you do not want them anymore after Christmas see if someone else does:

If your decorations are broken and can't be fixed you can take them to any of the Recycling Centres.

Paper chains, bouquets, holly, mistletoe and just the greenery from wreaths can all be composted or put in your garden waste bin. Please be aware that some plant decorations contain plastic and/or metal so don't put these in your brown garden waste bin.

Cards and envelopes

Re-use old cards for gift tags, check local superstores who may recycle them, or simply put them in your grey recycling bin if they are clean and do not contain glitter or metal. Recycle envelopes in your grey bin too.

Wrapping paper

Clean wrapping paper can be recycled so please put it in your grey recycling bin.

Please put any plastic wrapping, adhesive, ribbon or paper or cards with glitter in your green rubbish bin.

Real Christmas trees

If you have a real Christmas tree you can cut this down to fit in your brown bin. Please be aware that due to safety reasons there is a 80kg weight limit on all bins placed out for collection and lids need to be closed.

Alternatively you can take your real Christmas trees to any of Norfolk County Councils Recycling Centres.

Sweet containers

The large boxes,tubs and tins that contained sweet and chocolate selections can be put in your recycling bin.   Unless it says on the packaging all of the individual wrappers will need to go in your grey landfill bin. 

Food waste

If your property is on the food waste collection service, place any leftover food, bones and peelings in a plastic bags inside your caddy for collection. You can either use the food waste bags we provide or if you run out, food can be placed in any plastic bag, such as a bread bag or carrier bag.

This bin is collected weekly the same day as both your recycling and rubbish bins. We are unable to collect excess food waste so if you have any please place it in your green rubbish bin. Read what you can and can't put in your food waste bin.

For tips on how to reduce your food waste, recipe ideas and other tips please visit the Love Food, Hate Waste website.

If all your recycling won't fit in your bin

We will collect additional recycling if it is placed out for collection in a closed cardboard box beside the recycling bin.