Get rid of garden waste

Sign up for the garden waste bin service

We can provide you with a brown bin for your garden waste to be collected once a fortnight throughout the year (excluding Christmas and New Year).

Your brown bin can be used for hedge clippings, cut flowers, windfalls, grass cuttings, twigs/small branches, leaves and shrub prunings and vegetable waste from the garden (eg. Potato tops etc).

The cost of the service is £52 per bin per year (1st April to 31st March pro rata). If you pay by direct debit, you will be eligible for a reduced price of £45 per bin per year.

If you leave the scheme and wish to re-join, there will be a re-joining fee of £16.

You can take your brown bin with you if you move house but stay in the Broadland district. Please contact us using the details below so we can update your account.

Join the garden waste bin service:
  • make sure you have a debit or credit card ready
  • we will arrange delivery of your brown bin within 10 working days
  • once your order is completed we will email you the date of your first collection
  • if you decide to leave the scheme before 31 March 2018 we will not provide any refunds
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Please note that this is a new online service, if you experience any problems with the process please contact us using the details below