Empty Homes

Homes can become and remain empty for a variety of reasons. Broadland District Council has developed a procedure to identify empty homes within the district and to offer assistance and encouragement to owners in bringing those properties back into use.

Assistance is available to owners of suitable properties that have been empty for more than 6 months. Types of support include, but are not limited to:

  • an interest free loan of up to £4,000 to enable a property to meet the Government's Decent Homes Standard, with a further £1,000 potentially available for solid wall properties where there is no solid wall insulation
  • a £1,000 makeover loan for difficult to sell properties that are currently on the market
  • where properties have been empty for more than 2 years, the council may be able to provide a letter to allow building works to take place at a reduced VAT rate of 5%

For more information on these or for general advice and assistance about the benefits of bringing an empty property back into use, please contact the Private Sector Housing team.