Councillor David King

David King
  • Ward: Hellesdon North West
  • Party: Broadland Conservative Group

Contact details

72 Mountbatten Drive, Norwich, NR6 7PP

Fax: 07858 626772

Year Elected: 2019

First Elected: 2019

Political duties

  • Member Champion for Community Engagement

Committee membership

  • Economic Success Panel
  • Joint Scrutiny Committee
  • Licensing and Regulatory Committee
  • Member Development Panel
  • Overview and Scrutiny Committee
  • Service Improvement and Efficiency Committee

Substitute committee membership

  • Audit Committee
  • Environmental Excellence Panel
  • Place Shaping Panel
  • Planning Committee
  • Wellbeing Panel

Membership of outside organisations

  • Norfolk Joint Museums Committee
  • Norwich Area Museums Committee

Substitute membership of outside organisations

  • Norfolk Records Committee
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