Meet our Corporate Management Leadership team

In July 2018, both South Norfolk and Broadland Councils agreed to move forward with a collaborative partnership. On 2 January 2019, our two teams became a single paid service and we continue to move towards becoming one officer team, serving two autonomous Councils.

Our staff are committed to providing high quality, customer-focused services by working efficiently and in partnership.

Our Corporate Management Leadership Team includes our Managing Director and Directors. They support elected Members to set the strategic direction of South Norfolk Council and Broadland Council and ensure we can continue to provide services that lie at the heart of our communities and that matter locally to you.

Please view our structure chart.

Trevor Holden, Managing Director, part of the senior leadership team at Broadland and South Norfolk Councils

Trevor Holden
Managing Director of Broadland and South Norfolk Councils (Head of Paid Service)


Phil Courtier, Director of Place, part of the senior leadership team at Broadland and South Norfolk Councils
Phil Courtier, Director of Place


Service areas:
  • Economic Growth
  • Regulatory
  • Planning

Photo of Director of People and Communities, Jamie Sutterby

Jamie Sutterby, Director of People and Communities


Service areas:
  • Individuals and Families
  • Community Service

Photo of Director of Resources, Debbie Lorimer

Debbie Lorimer, Director of Resources


Service areas:
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Business Support

Chief of Staff, Hannah Ralph

Hannah Ralph, Chief of Staff


Service areas:
  • Business Improvement
  • Policy and Strategy
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Organisational Development
  • Digital Transformation

Assistant Director Governance and Business Support, Emma Hodds

Emma Hodds, Assistant Director
Governance and Business Support


Service areas:
  • Governance
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities
  • Monitoring Officer
  • Customer Services (BDC)
  • Committee Services
  • Electoral Services
  • ICT

Assistant Director Economic Growth, Hamish Melville

Hamish Melville, Assistant Director
Economic Growth


Service areas:
  • Economic Development (visitor economy/tourism, partnership coordination, new skills/business training, operational economic development)

Assistant Director Individuals and Families , Mike Pursehouse

Mike Pursehouse, Assistant Director
Individuals and Families


Service areas:
  • Early Help Hub
  • Housing (options, standards, private sector, independent living
  • Benefits
  • Community safety
  • Community protection
  • Community Capacity

Assistant Director, vacant post

Simon Phelan, Assistant Director
Community Services
Service areas:
  • Health and Leisure Services (SNC)
  • Community and Sports Development (BDC)
  • Depot (SNC)


Assistant Director, Finance, vacant

Rodney Fincham, Assistant Director
Service areas:
  • Corporate Finance, Accountancy, Financial services and Fraud
  • NNDR
  • Local Taxation and Council Tax
  • Enforcement
  • Procurement

Assistant Director Planning, Emma Hodds

Helen Mellors, Assistant Director


Service areas:
  • CNC building control
  • Housing delivery, strategy and policy
  • Planning

Assistant Director Regulatory Nick Howard

Nick Howard, Assistant Director
Regulatory Services


Service areas:
  • Food, health, safety and licensing
  • Environmental Services
  • Environmental Protection
  • Emergency Planning