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Council Tax helps pay for local services such as police, fire, refuse collection and education. The amount you pay depends which band your home is in and if you are entitled to a discount.

You may be entitled to a discount on your council tax bill if you:

  • Qualify for a single person's discount
  • Are disabled, or live in a household with a person who is disabled
  • Have an unoccupied property
  • Are on a low income or receive certain benefits

what to do next...

  • Find out how much your council tax is:
  • Find out your council tax band:
  • Apply for a discount if you are on a low income, or receive benefits:
    • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction can help you meet the cost of your rent and council tax if you are on a low income, or if you receive income support, job seekers allowance or a retirement pension. The benefits are means tested and your level of capital and income, together with your circumstances, will effect the amount of help you may be entitled to. See the new claim page for more information
    • Use the online benefits calculator to see if you would be entitled
    • Or contact the Benefits Service. Tel: 01603 430602 / 430603
  • Apply for a reduction if you live on your own:
    • You may be entitled to a single person's discount of 25% if you are the only adult who lives in your property or, if the other adults who live with you are disregarded as they fall into a specific groups such as students, care workers or the severely mentally impaired. In some situations where all residents are disregarded a discount of 50% can be awarded or even full exemption
    • Download the application form attached below, complete and return to the Council
  • Apply for a reduction for a disabled council tax payer:
    • Council tax payers who are disabled or who live with a disabled person may, in certain circumstances be entitled to a reduction in their charge. The bill may be reduced for dwellings which have a special room set aside for the needs of the disabled person or extra space to allow the use of a wheelchair indoors may also qualify (see further information below) 
    • Download the application form attached below, complete and return to the Council
      Please note: You will need to get your doctor or other qualified person to complete part B and an officer from the Council will need to visit your property to verify your application
  • Tell us if there has been a change in the occupants of your home:
  • If you have an unoccupied property
    • If the property is still unoccupied after 24 months a further 50% premium will also be due.
    •  Contact the Council Tax section for further advice and information

PDF iconcouncil tax disabled band reduction application [PDF, 544 Kb]

PDF iconsingle resident discount claim form [PDF, 254 Kb]

further information

Reduction for a Disabled Council Tax Payer

The relief is the equivalent to reducing the valuation band to the one below and ensures that disabled people do not pay more because of a need for extra space. The reduction includes band A dwellings

Qualifying criteria for a disabled council tax payer reduction include:

  • A room (other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet) used mainly by the disabled person with their disability
  • An additional bathroom or kitchen for the use of the person with a disability
  • Extra space within the dwelling to allow for the use of a wheelchair

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