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district council election results 2011

new political composition of the council

 Conservative  34
 Labour  1 - 1 seat gained
 Liberal Democrat  12
 Independent  0 - 1 seat lost

Total Turnout 46.5%


      Votes cast Elected
 Bean Lauren Liberal Democrat 74  
 Hempsall Lana Helena Conservative 408 X Hold *
 Law Nigel Robert Independent 407  
 Steed Malika Labour 196  

* Lana Hempsall and Nigel Law both received 407 votes. An extra vote was awarded to Lana Hempsall on the toss of a coin.


      Votes cast Elected
 Cottingham Jo Conservative 1336 X Hold
 Evans Chris Liberal Democrat 752  
 Graham Ian Gordon Conservative 1253 X Hold
 Harrison David George Liberal Democrat 1182 X Hold
 Hunter Fiona Jayne Liberal Democrat 846  
 Kemp Deborah Ann Labour 542  
 Kemp Malcolm Kenneth Labour 471  
 Magyar Anna Green 446  
 Peck Greg Conservative 1010  

blofield with south walsham

      Votes cast Elected
 Carswell James Alexander Conservative 834 X Gain
 Debbage George Edward Independent 756 Loss
 Green Paul Nicholas Conservative 999 X Hold
 Groves Joyce Irene Liberal Democrat 273  
 Hemmingway Tony Labour 385  
 Pawsey Alan David Labour 443  
 Smith Lawrence Roger Hines Liberal Democrat 102  


      Votes cast Elected
 Fernandez Caroline Mary Green 305  
 Gill Christopher Liberal Democrat 236  
 Hemmingway Christine Mary Labour 407  
 Jones Brenda Lesley Labour 334  
 Mason Eleanor Rose Liberal Democrat 286  
 Proctor  Andrew James Conservative 1314 X Hold
 Snowling Michael Douglas Conservative 1208 X Hold


      Votes cast Elected
 Britt Ray Labour 225  
 Peters Shirley Liberal Democrat 326 Loss
 Ward David Charles Conservative 346 X Gain


      Votes cast Elected
 Davison Leanne Conservative 337  
 Rix Barbara Helen Liberal Democrat 645 X Hold


      Votes cast Elected
 Mallett Alan Conservative 674 X Hold
 Morgan Victor Liberal Democrat 259  

drayton north

      Votes cast Elected 
 Cawdron Fran Liberal Democrat 162  
 Nash Roger Ralph Conservative 463 X Hold
 Potts Andrew John Labour 208  

drayton south

       Votes cast  Elected
 Foulger Roger Reginald Conservative 649 X Hold
 Sergeant Peter James Liberal Democrat 328  


      Votes cast Elected
 Bamber Eddie Conservative 474  
 Dalston Janette Green 206  
 Joyce James Michael Liberal Democrat 488 X Hold

great witchingham

      Votes cast Elected
 Stolworthy Lorna Jane Liberal Democrat 362  
 Woodbridge Simon Don Conservative 572 X Hold

hellesdon north west

      Votes cast Elected
 Britcher David John Liberal Democrat 306  
 Buck Danny Conservative 735 X Hold
 Fish Peter James Liberal Democrat 246  
 Glasspoole Terry Hector Labour 384  
 Gurney Shelagh Cassandra Conservative 996 X Hold
 Parkhouse Jennifer Ann Green 195  
 Walsh Michael Francis UK Independence 305  
 Youles John Brian UK Independence 302  

hellesdon south east

      Votes cast Elected
 Adams Tony Conservative 714 X Hold
 Balcombe Peter Liberal Democrat 608 X Hold
 Catchpole Sue Liberal Democrat 483  
 Graham Matthew Joseph Fernandez Labour 325  
 Ho Michelle UK Independence 164  
 Prasad John Labour 260  
 Ward Rita Conservative 401  


      Votes cast   Elected
 Carrick Paul Henri  Conservative 641 X Hold
 Markwell Jean Diane Liberal Democrat  285  

horsford and felthorpe

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Beadle  Veronica Mary  Liberal Democrat  490 Loss
 Ewing Jonathan David Conservative  548  
 Keeler Joanne Rose Conservative  557 X Gain
 Starling  John Phillip  Liberal Democrat  683 X Hold


      Votes cast  Elected 
 Davis Jan Green 119  
 Parker David Michael Liberal Democrat  184  
 Pettman John Norman Conservative  549 X Hold
 Wallis Malcolm John Labour  268  

old catton and sprowston

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Buckell  Peter Michael  Liberal Democrat  439  
 Cutting  Cliff  Labour  849  
 Dunn  Stuart  Conservative  1688 X Hold
 Fisher Jonathan Graham Labour  691  
 Leggett  Ken  Conservative 1493 X Hold
 Lewis Patricia Anne Liberal Democrat 350  
 Thompson  David William  Conservative 1398 X Hold
 Tingle Glenn Stuart UK Independence 306  


      Votes cast  Elected 
 Fearns  Patricia Ann Ellen  Liberal Democrat  180  
 Jones Christopher Nicholas Labour 262  
 Vincent  Shaun Andrew  Conservative  707 X Hold


      Votes cast  Elected 
 Barnett Kerrie Alison Conservative Party 450  
 Wheeler Christopher John Liberal Democrat  467 X Hold

spixworth with st faiths

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Kular  Bali  Liberal Democrat  845 X Hold
 Roper Daniel Liberal Democrat  985 X Gain
 Slater Paula Susanne Conservative  546  
 Thompson  Chris  Conservative  751 Loss

sprowston central

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Adams Philip UK Independence 175  
 Aldous Jennifer Christine Liberal Democrat  206  
 Couzens Bill Labour  590 X Gain
 Fowkes Robert Anthony Liberal Democrat 160  
 Knowles  Robin John  Conservative  757 X Hold
 Lashley  Barbara June  Labour  568  
 Ward  John Martyn  Conservative  568 Loss

sprowston east

      Votes cast Elected
 Beadle Stuart Charles Liberal Democrat 460  
 Bracey  John Walter Conservative 1119 X Hold
 Bradley Maggie Conservative 972 X Hold
 Findlay Paul Conservative 866 X Gain
 Lashley Ken Labour 820  
 Noble Chris Labour 851  
 Rumsby Chrissie Labour 806  
 Scrivens Victor Keith Liberal Democrat 426  
 Sirdar  Shamsher Singh Liberal Democrat 485 Loss
 Williams Philip UK Independence 341  

taverham north

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Bill Jason Labour 220  
 Hall Christopher Clive Conservative 349  
 Kelly Ian UK Independence 130  
 Kelly Kenneth Stanley Conservative 430 Loss
 Starling Nicholas Liberal Democrat 1097 X Hold
 Ward Carole Liberal Democrat 790 X Gain

taverham south

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Bannock  Claudette Hazel  Conservative 1193 X Hold
 Beadle James Stuart Liberal Democrat  238  
 Clancy  Stuart Michael  Conservative 1056 X Hold
 Glasspoole Natalie Labour 296  
 Heard  Jennifer Margaret  Liberal Democrat  226  

thorpe st andrew north west

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Atkinson Wendy Jane UK Independence 288  
 Fisher  John Frederick  Conservative  1392 X Hold 
 Harwood  Peter John Labour  919  
 Mackie  Ian James  Conservative  1298 X Hold
 Shaw  Nigel Christopher  Conservative  1313 X Hold
 Wigy  Jill Veronica  Labour  893  
 Williams  Nick   Labour  880  
 Wright Jane Denise Liberal Democrat  270  

thorpe st andrew south east

      Votes cast  Elected 
 Barker Joanna Lesley Labour  658  
 Barrett Lesley Anne Labour  602  
 Davis Claydon  Kim  Conservative  1089 X Hold
 Emsell Jonathan James Conservative  1255 X Hold
 Mancini-Boyle Trudy Maria Conservative  1096 X Hold
 Martins  Malcolm Ronald John  Liberal Democrat  304  
 McCabe Ross UK Independence 211  
 Scrivens Phyllida Liberal Democrat  278  
 Wright Susan Mary Labour  543  


      Votes cast  Elected 
 Ball  Nicholas  Green  197  
 Buckle Steve Liberal Democrat  829 X Gain
 Fursse  Ken  Labour  227  
 Green  Chris  Conservative  741 Loss
 McGilvray Ben Liberal Democrat  985 X Hold
 Slater Greg Conservative  537  

Released on 06/05/2011

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