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Frettenham Chruch
frettenham (towns and villages)

Known in the Domesday Book as 'Fretham', Frettenham is located six miles north-east of Norwich, surrounded by countryside. The village is well known for its rich farmland.

In 1829 Lord Suffield gave every cottage in the Parish half an acre of land. 

historic frettenham

The architectural heritage of Frettenham includes the 14th century church of St Swithins, located on the edge of the village, and a school house from 1832 which can be found at the centre of the village beside the first school.

Indented socketed axes were found in the parish dating from the Bronze Age (800-600 B.C.).

frettenham mill

Also of note is Frettenham Mill, one of the last corn mills to be built in Norfolk. The tarred five story mill, built in 1880 for local farmer and dyer Joshua Harper, fell into a derelict state after ceasing operations in 1900. Recently however, the mill has been rescued and restored to its previous glory. Today the listed tower remains a feature on the skyline and a reminder of Frettenham's agricultural past.

hillside animal sanctuary

The village is also home to the popular Hillside Animal Sanctuary. Hillside focuses on the care of rescued farm animals although it also cares for other animals including horses, donkeys and camels. In addition the organisation actively campaigns to improve the lives of animals in the factory farming industry.

This popular visitor attraction, formed by Wendy Valentine in 1995, has facilities including a gift shop, information centre, vegetarian snack bar and a picnic area.

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