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Attlebridge Village Sign
attlebridge (towns and villages)

Attlebridge grew up at an historic crossing point of the River Wensum on the north east side of the Wensum Valley. It was known as 'Atlebruge' at the time of the Domesday Book and lies on the old pilgrims' way from Norwich to the Shrine of Our Lady at Little Walsingham.

st andrew's church

The village is centred around St Andrew's Church which dates from the 13th century although some restoration was undertaken in 1864. The church is open all day for visitors. During early Summer, the churchyard is filled with gently-nodding meadow saxifrage.

local history

Legend has it that as Oliver Cromwell's troops approached Attlebridge, two silver bells were removed from the chapel tower and buried in the river although they were never found nor has any evidence to support this.

Until the 16th century a hermitage stood on the banks of the River Wensum as a stopping place for pilgrims on their way to Walsingham. A crop mark showing the position of the fountains can sometimes be seen in a field near the church.

The name Attlebridge refers to the 'brycg' (bridge in Old English) reportedly built by Ætla who is believed to have been an Anglo Saxon Archbishop from the 7th century.

marriott's way

The site of a former railway station on what used to be the Midland and Great Northern railway line is now home to a first-class 2½ acre campsite. The rail route is now the Marriott's way walk and cycle path.

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