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neighbourhood development plans

The Localism Act introduces powers for local communities to produce a new type of community-led plan known as a Neighbourhood Development Plan (or 'Neighbourhood Plan', for short). These plans will set out policies on the development and use of land in a parish or 'neighbourhood area'.

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Once such a plan is made, and adopted, it will become part of the Local Plan for Broadland District. This means that it will become a main consideration within the planning system.

The Act also introduces a related document that communities can produce, known as a Neighbourhood Development Order. These will be able to grant planning permission for a specific location within the parish or 'neighbourhood area'.

In order for any Neighbourhood Development Plans or Orders to be adopted, they will need to conform with planning policies and guidance at the local, national and European level. They will also need to demonstrate support from the local community.

Clearly, Neighbourhood Development Plans and Orders differ from Parish Plans in that they purely focus on planning and the environment, they have to follow a statutory process, and they ultimately become part of the statutory development plan.

There are a small number of communities progressing Neighbourhood Development Plans in Broadland, all of whom are receiving support from Broadland District Council.