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weekly list of planning applications and planning news

The weekly list is a list of planning applications registered by Broadland District Council each week.

Each list gives brief details of the planning applications registered. Registered planning applications are ones which have been accepted for consideration by the Council.

what to do next...

  • View a weekly list of planning applications registered in each of the past four weeks below
  • See the 'planning news' section below for updates and changes with regard to planning and planning applications
  • Contact Planning Administration for further information and advice

planning news

You can now pay for planning applications online

Broadland District Council now allows you to pay online for your planning applications. This is a secure, easy, and fast way to pay. Pay for your planning application now via the Online Payment Form.

Relaxation of the 'permitted development' regime

The government has recently announced changes to the planning system in order to try and stimulate economic growth by making it easier for people and businesses to carry out extensions to their properties and to change to other specified uses, for a temporary period, without needing to submit a planning application.

The changes cover the following types of development:

  • Single storey rear extensions to dwellings
  • Fencing around schools
  • Various changes of use
  • Use of a building as a state funded school for one academic year
  • An increase in the size of extensions that can be carried out to commercial buildings without requiring planning permission

In order to benefit from the changes there are certain procedures which have to be gone through. Failure to comply with the procedures which have been set down by the government could result in you having to submit a planning application at a later date or potentially laying yourself open to enforcement action.

For further information or to download the permitted development for larger extensions form, please see the do I need planning permission web page.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy came into effect on 1 July 2013. For further information, including our Charging Schedule and Regulation 123 List, see the CIL webpage.

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