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weekly list of planning applications and planning news

The weekly list is a list of planning applications registered by Broadland District Council each week.

Each list gives brief details of the planning applications registered. Registered planning applications are ones which have been accepted for consideration by the Council.

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  • View a weekly list of planning applications registered in each of the past four weeks below
  • See the 'planning news' section below for updates and changes with regard to planning and planning applications
  • Contact Planning Administration for further information and advice

planning news

Planning Guidance

Broadland District Council works with those planning development of any kind to ensure that key issues affecting the end use of a development are discussed at the earliest possible stage. We thoroughly welcome discussions around all of the topics covered in this guidance document with those proposing development, as it means that our knowledge and experience of delivering key public services can be included in the planning application process from the very star. This document brings together all of the areas that need to be considered, with comprehensive guidance and specifications to enable the range of Council services to be delivered effectively, efficiently and safely. You can find this document, by clicking here.

You can now pay for planning applications online

Broadland District Council now allows you to pay online for your planning applications. This is a secure, easy, and fast way to pay. Pay for your planning application now via the Online Payment Form.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy came into effect on 1 July 2013. For further information, including our Charging Schedule and Regulation 123 List, see the CIL webpage.

There is an option to pay CIL by instalments in some instances. This instalment facility was extended in September 2015, to help smaller developers, and is now applicable where the CIL liability is £25,000 or more.

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