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green field and a tree at catton park
tree preservation

Trees are an important part of our landscape and Broadland are fortunate to have a number of significant trees located throughout the District.

Trees can be protected in three ways: by being covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO), by growing within a Conservation Area, or by having planning conditions placed on them.

what to do next...

  • Always contact the Conservation Team to check if trees are covered by a TPO, are within a conservation area or have any planning constraints on them before commencing works.
  • To apply for works to a protected tree:
    • Read the guidance notes attached below
    • Complete your application online via the Planning Portal
    • Download, fill in and return the following application form to Conservation
  • If you are over 60 or in receipt of certain benefits and would like to apply for a grant towards the costs of tree surgery, download, fill in and return the grant form below
  • Complete the tree preservation order suggestion e-form to suggest a new TPO for specific tree(s)
  • To find an application/notification that has been submitted, visit the planning explorer
  • Contact the Conservation team for further information and advice


tree preservation order suggestion online form

application for tree works [PDF, 278 Kb]

tree surgery assistance grant form [PDF, 34 Kb]


faq - tree preservation orders [PDF, 67 Kb]

tree preservation order - advice note [PDF, 219 Kb]

guidance on completing the tree works application form [PDF, 104 Kb]

further information

What is a TPO?

A TPO is an Order made by a Local Authority to prohibit the cutting down, topping, lopping, uprooting, wilful damage or wilful destruction of a tree. A TPO can protect an individual, a group or an area of trees. Trees under a TPO are protected by legislation that makes it an offence to carry out any work to trees without permission from the Local Authority. If you carry out works to a protected tree without prior permission, any person involved can be prosecuted and fined up to £20,000.

Trees in Conservation areas

A conservation area protects any tree with a diameter over 75 mm measured at 1.5 m from ground level. If you would like carry out any works to a tree in a conservation area you must give the local planning authority six weeks notice of the intended works. To give notification please complete the form above.

TPO Review

The Council is currently undergoing a review to update the existing 624 TPOs within the Broadland District. This has taken five years to complete and we are now in the final year of the review.

The aim of the review is to ensure that all TPOs are up to date with current legislation and plans. The review also provides an opportunity to alter existing orders by excluding trees that have been removed and including trees which now offer amenity value to the area.

As each order is reviewed it is plotted using GIS to mark its exact location. This data is then transferred to a mapping system creating a map for each new Order. Once this process is complete it will be possible to view all of Broadland's TPOs on our website.

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