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recycling and rubbish collections

Broadland collects recycling and rubbish on alternate weeks for our residents. Your grey recycling bin is collected one week and your green rubbish bin is collected the next.

Some of our residents also receive a food waste collection which is collected weekly.

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Garden waste

Broadland residents can also subscribe to our garden waste service. If you choose to use this chargeable service, your brown garden bin is collected fortnightly. Find out more on the garden waste collection page.

Making sure your bin gets emptied

On your collection days, please put your bins or collection containers on the boundary of your property that is closest to the highway. All lids should be closed.

We do not accept extra rubbish, garden waste or food waste left next to your bins, please make sure it is placed inside the bin and the lid is closed. We can accept extra recycling, please put it in a cardboard box next to your grey recycling bin for collection, please make sure that all your glass is put inside your bin.

Bins that weigh over 80kg cannot be emptied safely by our collection crews.

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