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paperless billing

The Council sends out tens of thousands of Council Tax, Business Rates and Garden Waste Collection bills every year - that's a lot of paper, so we want to reduce this.

go paperless! change to electronic bills

You can now choose to receive your bills electronically by:

email with a pdf attachment

For Council Tax, Business Rates and the Garden Waste Collection scheme bills.

It's quick and easy and you don't even have to log in. You can still register to view your Council Tax or Business Rates account online if you want to later.

email with a link to an online account

Please note: This is only available for Council Tax and/or Business Rates bills.

You will be able to see how your bill is worked out, the payments you have made and other associated correspondence. Following registration we will send you a PIN so you can securely access your account details, and view your bills and letters online.

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Cut down on paper to reduce waste going into landfill

  • Save trees from being cut down and turned into bills
  • Reduce the amount of water used to produce the paper
  • Reduce greenhouse gases from the energy used to print and send bills
  • Save on postage and production costs

Advantages for you of paperless bills and benefit notifications:

  • Convenience - you can view your Council Tax and/or Business Rates details at any time
  • Quick and easy - every time there's a bill or benefit notification you will know about it quickly
  • Control - you can switch back to paper anytime you choose