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The Business Plan is the Council's statement of what we will do to improve our services and meet our statutory responsibility to promote the economic, environmental and social well-being of the area.

The Broadland Business Plan sets out our commitment to making Broadland a more vibrant and better place for you. We have focused on things you have told us through surveys and feedback - that matter to you.

In 2011-12 we adopted a four year Business Plan (2011-15). Which has now been replaced by the 2015-19 Business Plan.

what to do next...

  • Read the 2015-19 Business Plan in the 'documents' section, below
  • Contact Corporate Resources
    • For more information on the Business Plan
    • If you require it in a different format such as a printed or large print version

further information

We have ambitions for our growing community and we are determined to ensure that our plans and developments benefit people who already live and work here as well as new people and businesses that join our community.

We aim to become a model of how to deliver substantial and sustainable growth to improve the quality of life for our people and communities.

Our vision is 'to grow a strong and vibrant Broadland, with more jobs, more homes and more opportunities for all'. 

Our key ambitions to achieve this are:

  • To deliver economic success in our area
  • To achieve environmental excellence in everything we do
  • To plan and provide well housed communities
  • To increase levels of health and wellbeing
  • To keep people safe and secure
  • To continue to provide high quality, value for money services on our own or as a trusted partner. 

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