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city deal - greater norwich

In a speech delivered in early 2013, the Deputy Prime Minister said 'yes' to all 20 cities participating in the second wave of City Deals, including Greater Norwich.

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  • Download the City Deal Submission - Expression of Interest
  • For further advice about the City Deal, contact the Economic Development team (contact details below)

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The decision gives the green light to go ahead and negotiate plans to get the freedom, powers and tools needed to shape the economic future of the area. In return for our strong plans for growth the government will devolve financial and planning powers allowing Broadland, with Norwich, Norfolk and South Norfolk Councils to take charge of our own destinies, providing autonomy over how to spend the training and skills budgets, to creating investment funds to build roads and unlock developments.

The Government will now work closely with the Greater Norwich Councils to develop our proposals in more detail and negotiate a final deal. This gives us the chance to negotiate a deal that will give us the levers and powers we need to drive economic growth in the area, and the opportunity to try out new and innovative approaches.

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