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To apply for any of the following services please use the links below to download a form or apply online.

Please refer to the A-Z services at the top of the page if you cannot find the information you are looking for.

accommodation certificate (contact us)

benefits - housing & council tax download)

business rate relief (downloads)

council tax disabled band reduction (download)

council tax exemption (download)

council tax single occupier discount (online form)

data protection request (contact us)

disability facility grant for a private property (contact Norfolk County Council)

freedom of information request (contact us)

garden waste collection scheme (contact us)

grants - business  (contact us)

grants - community (online form)

grants - listed buildings (download)

grants - community (online form)

grants - neighbourhood development plans (online form)

grants - sports (download)

handyman scheme (contact)

homelessness application (download)

home repair assistance and renovation grants (contact us)

homes in multiple occupancy - register (contact us)

jobs at the council (download)

licences (download)

listed buildings discretionary grant scheme (contact us)

physical activity referral scheme (download)

planning applications (online via the planning portal)

pollution control - clean air act approval (contact us)

pollution control - part b authorisation  (contact us)

sheltered housing - housing register (download)

tree preservation order - suggest a new TPO for specific tree(s) (online form)

tree surgery assistance grant (download)

tree works - conservation area / tree preservation order (download)

vote by post (download)